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Explore the 16 personality types and find your 4-letter type and a compatible life partner!
Using our mobile app, you can take our ❤️self-to-soulmate❤️ discovery assessment free of charge.

 Lifetime Access Eligibility: Use our mobile app to identify your Type using our Soulmate Assessment.


Thinkers (T types) are about conflict resolution, whereas Feelers (F types) are all about conflict avoidance!

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We use Vedic mythology along with our secret matching algorithm to find you a life partner. Our algorithm uses your cognitive personality (human interactions) and Vedic astrology (birth environment) to distinguish between Soulmates, Great Matches, and Recommended matches.

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Besides finding a compatible partner here, you can also find a mentor, an investor, etc.

TypeMatrimony® Pre-Marriage Orientation Program

You'll receive e-mail introductions based on your preferences

A lifetime of e-matchmaking assistance

Steps to follow

Step 1. Candidates' preferences are shared with potential shortlists (and vice versa). In case of mutual interest, we'll exchange your email addresses for further action.

Step 2. Introduce yourself to everyone via email. Schedule zoom/skype calls. Provide each other with your contact details if comfortable.

Step 3. You can schedule a 4-hour Zoom orientation session with an expert after you have short-listed potential alliances. Invite your shortlisted candidates or attend unlimited sessions individually.

❝...They forced me to marry someone I did not love. We were cornered by our relatives. With help from Typematrimony, I was able to find someone in my area experiencing the same types of family pressure...❞   —Rita C. | Mumbai

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What's your TYPE ♡?

READ 'What is Bharat 2.0?' ON




We get hitched for a person’s ‘job’ and ‘good looks,’ causing incorrect 'focus'. The same focus extends to your neighbor, relative, colleague, etc. leading to insecurity and ego in the society.


We don’t simply ‘get’ each other.

What is Bharat 2.0?

It's the country that'll inspire the future of humanity with meaningful relationships.

The good news is as easy as 3.2.1. 🚀

3. Reinstate Trust (right focus)

2. Nurture Entrepreneurship

1. Start with TypeMatrimony®!

Developed countries are struggling with meaningless relationships creating a depressed new generation.


Worry not, we're here!


While the cavemen went out hunting for food, their families were left behind, as they trusted their pack members. If there was mistrust, we’d still be holding a weapon instead of a smartphone. Trustworthy relationships guided this evolution.


Let's change the graph of bad marriages in India!

Let’s become a force to reckon with and impact the world like a tornado with inventions and ideas leveraging the strength of deep relationships that march towards a common goal. Just like the olden days!

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Note: Please verify that the percentages of resulting letters are closer to 60%, as otherwise, you may not be the type you've found out. Most importantly, take the test based on what you 'actually' are than what you would want to be seen as.

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