Typematrimony is an online matrimonial platform where we use monthly Jungian psychometric brain assessment to analyze an individual before matching them with their prospective soulmates. The company is a subsidiary of Oceanof Panels Services Pvt Ltd founded in 2013. 

About Oceanof Panels (Parent company)
Established in July 2013, with operations in Bangalore, India, Oceanof Panels is a small but instrumental player in the industry providing market research services with exclusive online panels in the USA and India. We have recently extended our proprietary panels services into the UK, Australia, Mexico and Brazil. We at Oceanof Panels, are committed to providing exceptional client services. We dare to be different from the rest as we aim to provide a highly active and trustworthy panel buildup. 

With more than 50,000 proprietary panelists and access to 15 million more through our alliances, we thoroughly ensure every clients needs are fulfilled.