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A rarity in the general population: Only 2 in 10

Celebrities who practice this type in real life can be viewed as conceptualizing or developing outside-the-box solutions that are frequently brilliant and ground-breaking. From a science perspective, it's possible that they were using their heart-led information processing, which is frequently incomprehensible to the general public.

IRL (potential):

Marie Curie, Einstein, Gandhi, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Christopher Nolan, Isaac Newton, and others may have demonstrated this personality trait.

The personality types are divided into groups to demonstrate the validity and existence of healthy differences between individuals who prefer different ways of viewing the world.

How do they MOSTLY take in information?



What they may not acknowledge?



How they appear?


They excel at making things using imaginative and futuristic concepts that are not currently useful to the average person. However, the outside world is unaware of this unless they communicate it effectively.

Since they spend so much time thinking and analyzing things internally, they don't have the stereotypical practical know-how that people in society are expected to have. There may be challenges as a result in your job, marriage, relationships, and other areas.

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The below analysis is based on Carl. G. Jung's Cognitive Functions:

The hyper-creative group: INTJ INFJ ENTP ENFP:


Extreme: They are conceptual and inventive. They begin making connections between everything or everyone they encounter. Someone who wants to make money (INTJ) or assist other people (INFJ), for example, may keep searching for opportunities around them. Everything they say may be based on hypothetical future events rather than actual historical data.

Unhealthy: A caricature of them may over-imagine and create situations that make no sense, making them appear "weird" in front of the general public.

ENTPs & ENFPs (Ne)

They are conceptual and creative like the INTJs and INFJs, but the ENTPs and ENFPs apply these concepts to the outside world (travelling, exploring places, ideas, businesses, etc.). They start to draw links between anything or anyone they come across. Executing opportunities in the real world is possible for someone who, for instance, wishes to make money (ENTPs) or assist others (ENFPs). Everything they do and play out could be founded more on fictitious future forecasts than on actual data from the past.


Unhealthy: A caricature of them may overdo their creativity and create things in the outside world that make no sense, making them appear "weird" in public.

The other Intuitives group: INTP INFP ENTJ ENFJ:

INTPs (Ti)

The main activity in the everyday lives of INTPs is internal analysis, sometimes overanalysis, leading to a logical conclusion. They view the world as an experiment in which everything must have a logical explanation, and having precise, in-depth findings enables them to act.

INFPs (Fi)

People who exhibit INFP tend to look for morality and make sure their personal values are upheld while handling any circumstance. Their primary goal is to ensure that no deception or dishonesty that directly contradicts their inner belief system ever arises in their environment.

ENTJs (Te)

The ENTJ personality type is known for taking charge of any circumstance that requires logical handling. They could behave impatiently and think about it afterward. The daily preference is to use their effectiveness muscle and complete tasks quickly while giving deep attention to desired results.

ENFJs (Fe)

They are friendly and accessible, making conversation easy. They frequently take on the roles of instructors and counsellors who are always there for others through the highs and lows of life.

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