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My father (INTJ) had a dark complexion, and my mother (ESTP) looked fair when they married. He was not psychologically mature enough to handle a relationship yet as a result of his upbringing/environment, and she did not give her full agreement to the marriage. She was naive (ignorance/Ti ego), and he had begun drinking at an early age. Because there were no other options available at the time, the marriage was imposed on both parties.



They eventually had a daughter and a fair-looking boy (me!). My paternal side of the family either experienced a broken or incompatible marriage that resulted in marital egos.


I had never seen love in my youth, and because there was no mention of "love" at home, I had no idea what it was like outside. I was constantly bullied as a child because of my sensory irritation (Se blindspot), which was only matched by my peers, society, family, and community. I never really recovered from the agony.



As I grew older, I witnessed the mother's and father's families' persistent failures and determination to keep me uninformed and unaided (even after my fathers demise). I still fought for my right to live happily ever after, but I failed horribly due to the relentless social engineering that society showered upon me for their own gain.



One lovely day in my late 20's, I came across the 16 personality types or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, which revealed to me that I am an INTJ - Introverted + Intuitive + Thinking + Judging (Mastermind). The pure thrill of reading the strengths I had in combination with my preferences owing to my upbringing was boosting my wounded self-confidence.


I had already established a small successful business, but the Myers-Briggs model gave me the much-needed superpower to handle any challenges life threw at me. I understood that, although INTJ (the mastermind) is a strength, I must be able to use all 16 personality types as and when needed. This, combined with yoga and releasing the Freudian egos (+genetics) from each of my Jungian cognitive functions, benefits me wherever I go.



The third step was to maintain the environment I had established for myself because the people (egos & stressors) you surround yourself with will ultimately determine your life's success. I believed that an ENFP would be the ideal iNtuitive spouse, so I married her. Even in biological terms, a marriage with an ENFP was the best fit because of the innate people skills these heart-driven people provide to the brain-driven INTJ. She's a YouTube educator and I'm an Entrepreneur. We complement one another and naturally understand one another, and whenever something is off, we return to the orientation sessions.

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