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Sandeep Panazhi
Certified MBTI® Profiler | Serial Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO @TypeMatrimony
Sandeep is the son of an ex (late) Indian army personnel; his interests include psychology, business and filmmaking alongside market research consulting.

Nilima Narang
Certified MBTI® Profiler | ICF Certified Coach
Nilima is a Life, Leadership and a Relationship Coach, ICF (PCC), NLP Coach and an experiential learning facilitator. She is MBTI certified. Her mission as a Coach is to help her clients reach a higher level of success, goal attainment, work-life balance, happiness, and fulfillment. She is passionate about Personal and Relationship development. She extensively uses mindfulness, meditation, and evidence-based tools and provides a safe, supportive, and motivating coaching environment. Her coaching style is holistic and empowering.

...and a team of 10+ Accredited MBTI® Profilers.