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ENTJ - Kinetic

Your personality preferences are: ENTJ - Kinetic

Extroversion | Intuition | Thinking | Judging

Famous people with the ENTJ personality type: Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Indira Gandhi, etc.

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The results are KINETIC

The Science

Let's begin with the basics. In accordance with the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed; only be converted from one form to another. The same amount of energy is always present in a system unless external energy is added.


In the different styles of your personality, energy tends to be dispersed either inwardly (introversion) or outwardly (extroversion). It is possible that memories, patterns, experiences, and the like stored in your brain may be considered Potential Energy (PE) and can be used in the way the circumstances demand. You can also implement Kinetic Energy (KE) by engaging in regular activities like strength training, walking, talking, etc. You can use this energy for your own growth if you are aware of your basic style and channel it effectively.

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