→ What's TypeMatrimony? What's '16personalities'?
TypeMatrimony is a lifetime-assisted matchmaking portal that is designed to pair you up with an elite innovator on the internet. To avoid matches that make you cringe or leave you wanting so much more, we use Carl Jung, Myers & Briggs' 16personalities theory. Take our free qualification assessment based on Jung, Myers & Briggs' typology theory. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_Types

→ Can you predict a successful marriage? Are there any gurus in your founding team?

Marriage success cannot be predicted by the MBTI or TypeMatrimony. However, wouldn't it be good to discover that she avoided the party, not because of her ego, but because she preferred to read a book instead?

→ How does it work?
You're at the ∩ of Psychology & Technology. Get an expert assigned to you within 1 hour of activation to assist you. Get priority founder support/assistance. Add your Zodiac and Nakshatra to see the compatibility badges Soulmate, Great Match, and Recommended.

The Science

Let's begin with the basics. In accordance with the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed; only be converted from one form to another. The same amount of energy is always present in a system unless external energy is added. In the different styles of your personality, energy tends to be dispersed either inwardly (introversion) or outwardly (extroversion). It is possible that memories, patterns, experiences, and the like stored in your brain may be considered Potential Energy (PE) and can be used in the way the circumstances demand. You can also implement Kinetic Energy (KE) by engaging in regular activities like strength training, walking, talking, etc. You can use this energy for your own growth if you are aware of your basic style and channel it effectively.


→ Is the test valid? Can personality preferences change?
The free evaluation is a self-report inventory, and the outcomes depend only on your sincerity. Preferences are similar to signatures in that you can technically use both hands but only one comes naturally.

→ Can I self-assess my personality type?
You're the final judge of your own best-fit type. However, it is important to know about each personality type before you move into married life. Your communication style may differ from that of your partner/child. Get on-demand lifetime e-support from a certified profiler/founder (only on TypeMatrimony)

→ How is it different?
Since 80%+ of humans are reported to be sensory, it is challenging to convince someone why they see the potential in a business or an idea. Although any 2 adult people can get along and marry, a common style of seeing the world helps a couple better grasp each others' thoughts, creativity, and plans.

Alumni Speaks

(INTJ - POTENTIAL $1Mn+ Bootstrapped Entrepreneur)— ❝INTJ stands for Introverted. Intuitive. Thinker. Judger. This is a personality preference acronym from one of the personality types system (...) I found my ENFP - KINETIC Soulmate using assisted matchmaking. I am lucky I found her 😊❤️ She understood me really well since our initial e-meetings and still does. We got married after a few months of getting to know each other and I can’t tell how amazing my life has been since! We just get each other. Of course, we fight, there are problems like in any relationship, but it’s like a match made in heaven for me.❞ 
—Gaurav | Bengaluru | Abridged version of the viral Quora answer.

→ Do you guarantee that I'll find a Soulmate?
✅ Yes, we do, so get ready to say I do (Terrible wordplay is another specialty of ours).

→ Does it REALLY work? Science?
In the different styles of your personality, energy tends to be dispersed either inwardly (introversion) or outwardly (extroversion). You channel this energy for your own growth if you are aware of your basic style.

→ I'm still apprehensive. Has anyone yet been married?
Honestly, we are certain that your future spouse is apprehensive about this too. Coincidence? We think not!