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Besides finding a compatible partner here, you can also find a mentor, an investor, etc.

TypeMatrimony® Pre-Marriage Orientation Program

You'll receive e-mail introductions based on your preferences

A lifetime of e-matchmaking assistance


Use our mobile app to activate the lifetime access

Please fill out your preferences in the TypeMatrimony® questionnaire 

Next Steps

Step 1. Candidates' preferences are shared with potential shortlists (and vice versa). In case of mutual interest, we'll exchange your email addresses for further action.

Step 2. Introduce yourself to everyone via email. Schedule zoom/skype calls. Provide each other with your contact details if comfortable.

Step 3. You can schedule a 4-hour Zoom orientation session with a Myers-Briggs profiler after you have short-listed potential alliances. Invite your shortlisted candidates or attend unlimited sessions individually.

You may participate in this program at your own discretion.

❝...They forced me to marry someone I did not love. We were cornered by our relatives. With help from TypeMatrimony, I was able to find someone in my area experiencing the same types of family pressure...❞ 

—Rita C. | Mumbai

❝I currently oversee TypeMatrimony's profiling, meetings, and events. You can find us at a neighboring Starbucks talking to a group of Intuitive Management consultants about the upcoming billion-dollar idea❞ 

—Sandeep Panazhi | Certified Myers-Briggs Profiler. Founder & CEO, Oceanof Panels Services Pvt. Ltd.


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